Off the Grid Honeymoon Hotspots

If your idea of a hotspot means a site with wireless Internet access, then it's time to plan (no excuses! We're not listening!) that ultimate unplugged honeymoon.

Believe it or not, there are quite a few places left on this Earth that are not just TV and phone-free, but blissfully banish Internet access in their guestrooms too.

The result? A travel experience unmatched by decked-out modern resorts that offer all the amenities and include unnecessary communication with the outside world. (How can you get away from it all with your honey when the office is just a ping away?).

Read on to find six ultimate honeymoon destinations that, brace yourself, force you to hold off on updating that Twitter feed until you return home.

Geckoes Rainforest River Lodge, Costa Rica

Where the rainforest meets the Caribbean Sea, you'll find a precious Costa Rican luxury resort. With its commitment to sustainable living, Geckoes blends elegance with environmentally conscious practices so the property fits seamlessly into the remote environs. So you have your very own plunge pool next to the untouched beach. Or an outdoor terrace and a four-poster bed with a private unspoiled view.

Should you venture beyond your villa, there's swimming, bathing, surfing and snorkeling at the ready. If you're not careful, you'll leave so blissed-out, you may forget your login passwords.

Petit St. Vincent Resort, St. Vincent

Situated about 40 miles away from the closest civilization (that's St. Vincent in the Grenadine Islands), the Petit St. Vincent Resort (a.k.a. PSV) offers 22 luxurious cottages intricately hidden on the island so you can conceivably never meet another human being besides your mate for your entire stay, though you have the option to make it to the resort's communal bar or dining room should you choose.

Not only does PSV offer no TV, Internet access or phone, your cottage is even free of a door key. When you want to get a message to the very attentive staff (you get two per guest), you put a message in a quaint box and hoist a flag. Now that's low-tech.

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

With the Piton Mountains of St. Lucia in the backdrop, this 600-acre resort blends the modern amenities some honeymooners just can't live without (think exercise equipment, varied dining experiences, even a spa) with an unplugged atmosphere. Thus each "sanctuary," (that is, your room) has a king-sized bed and comes with a fridge, coffeemaker and a hairdryer but no TV, telephone or even radio. There is WiFi available, alas, but it is only available at the reception desk.

While not the most off-the-grid property on this list, chances are, trips to the reception desk will be few and far between. Each sanctuary offers its own private infinity pool that seems to stretch into the landscape--and beckon you--in perpetuity.

Ras Mbisis, Tanzania

Ras Mbisis, an eco-friendly lodge set on the West coast of Mafia in Tanzania, touts barefoot luxury. This retreat's remoteness is also its irresistible lure. It offers unrivaled access to amazing sea life like frolicking humpback whales. The island is amid the largest marine protected area in East Africa, the Chole Bay. Just nine tented luxury "bandas" sit on the powder white beach overlooking the Indian Ocean.

There's also a rooftop bar and beachfront restaurant offering fresh local Swahili cuisine on the property. There's even a pool for those seeking to get away from the seawater for a few hours. But you won't find TV, Internet access or other high-tech frills at Ras Mbisis--just as the guests like it.

Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef, Australia

We promise you won't miss the creature comforts de rigueur in most luxury abodes, like the minibar, coffeemaker and the rest, at Sal Salis. That's partly due to the actual exotic creatures you'll see outside your luxury "tent," like the red kangaroo or the wallaroo.

Located in the Nigaloo Coast on the North West Cape of Australia, this property, 13 hours from the city of Perth, is perfect for the activity-oriented couple looking for the true bush experience. Swim among whale sharks or manta rays. Snorkel near huge staghorn formations. Take a guided tour to learn about the 30,000 year old Aboriginal history still being excavated in the area. You'll never miss your Inbox.

Turtle Inn, Belize

Besides the lack of WiFi and TV in the rooms, there isn't even air-conditioning at Turtle Inn, a beachside refuge in Placencia, Belize owned by Francis Ford Coppola. Its 25 individually thatched seafront cottages use ceiling fans--and the Caribbean's breeze's--to cool you down.

Two swimming pools (one is saltwater) and a handful of open-air restaurants (offering local fresh seafood and homegrown fruits and veggies) are also on a property dedicated to incorporating the tropical environs into every moment you are here. Instead of a cell phone, you just have access to their "shellphone," your cottage's connection to the reception desk to request more ice.

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