Map Mementos

Borderline Jewelry commemorates your favorite destinations.

We all have places that are special to us. The mere thought of a beloved destination can conjure a wealth of emotion and recollections.

Borderline Jewelry captures that feeling by depicting the borders of meaningful locations. Founder Melissa Baroni explains that the pieces were designed, “So that each time they’re worn or used, they’d transport one back to a beloved spot and spark the memories it holds within their hearts.”

Couples looking to commemorate where they were married or honeymooned, or even where they first met, now have a luxe alternative to the hackneyed refrigerator magnet or postcard. A Borderline piece also makes an exceptional favor for guests at your destination nuptials.

Borderline offers a variety of unisex pieces, from handsome oxidized cufflinks to key chains to the newly launched bangle charm bracelet, all crafted in sterling silver or 14K gold. Your choice of place customizes the bauble, creating a truly special keepsake.

The current border selection includes a number of countries, states and beaches. Worried that your desired location isn’t on offer? You can add your choice to Borderline’s “Standby List,” and it will go into production once they receive five orders for the same place. Or, if you prefer, you can become a Founder: With a Founder’s Box purchase, your border goes in to production immediately, and you receive your custom Borderline Jewelry along with a permanent spot on Borderline’s Founders page. 

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--Nicole Sult