La Dolce Vita

Honeymoon in Capri

Dive in to wedded bliss in the azure waters of Capri.

Capri is the Italy that will take your breath away. Check out some of our top choices for visiting this island destination.

We're certainly not the first to fall at first sight for the rugged limestone cliffs and azure sea of this tantalizing Mediterranean isle. Capri has been luring visitors to the Siren Coast since its mythological conception, when beautiful and seductive sea nymphs were said to entice sailors to its shores.

Not much has changed since the Trojan War. Capri's enchantment endures from the moment visitors descend upon Marina Grande, the island's main harbor, by boat.

Easily accessible from Naples year-round (and the Amalfi Coast in the summer), Marina Grande serves as the gateway to the island's two main towns: Capri, which is near the marina, and Anacapri (Ana meaning "above"), which is located slightly, yes, above Capri.

We bring up both picturesque jewels because each town is a gem for honeymooners seeking the most out of a romantic, seaside Italian getaway.

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