Ask Colin: Honeymoon & Destination

Why wait for the honeymoon? Plan a destination wedding, and begin your celebrations at your dream location.

Garett Holden

Hello, planning a destination wedding and I don't know where to start. Can you help me?

Planning a destination wedding can be smooth sailing if you are super organized and keep your guests organized and well informed.

An all-inclusive resort will make your life much easier but if you are thinking of going a different route, like renting a large villa or hosting it at a hotel that is not all-inclusive, you may want to consider hiring a local planner or coordinator to help you with the details. They will know which vendors are good and reliable and will keep the burden off of you.

Make a trip to Jamaica well in advance to confirm your venue and interview the planner/coordinator. Keep a paper trail of all your correspondence and bring all your inspiration images so you can express your ideas and vision to your local vendors.

To keep your wedding party and guests in the loop, set up a website to convey important info such as travel, hotels, the schedule of events, what to wear and what to expect.

Consider arriving several days before your wedding--schedule a final tasting of your food and ask to see a sample table set-up for your reception so there will be no surprises the day of your wedding.

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