Honeymoon Spots To Take Pride in

Whether you're gay or straight, the ideal honeymoon destination is all about fabulous luxury and romance.
Photo by Reis And Rob

Whether you’re gay and fortunate enough to live in a state that recognizes your wedding or seeking suggestions on the most luxurious honeymoon destinations worthy of any union, we found the finest vacation spots that aren’t just gay-friendly—they’re simply fabulous.

“Both gay and straight honeymoons seek the same thing: romance and inspiring, special experiences,” explains Kasra Esteghamat, COO and co-owner of Eden For Your World, the hot Long-Beach, California-based travel company he owns with CEO and life partner of 19 years, John Oberarcker. “It has to be a place that’s toward the top of both of their ‘must-see’ lists that they will forever say ‘we went there on our honeymoon!’”

Still, Esteghamat says there is one major difference between what constitutes a gay or “straight” destination, “Straight couples don’t need to worry if their lifestyle is illegal in the country they are visiting. They don’t usually get awkward glances from passersby for holding hands in public or questions about sharing a bed at their hotel. That’s why we make sure our gay couples are visiting gay-friendly destinations where they don’t face issues of intolerance.”

Read on to discover Eden For Your World’s surprising top honeymoon destinations. These unique spots get kudos not just for luxury but acceptance for both straight and gay visitors.

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