Honeymoon Big Five

Get Away to South Africa

With an impressive list of exciting things to do, South Africa is the ideal destination for any type of traveler.
Courtesy of South African Tourism

As you plan your honeymoon, don’t settle for a locale that only has one thing to offer.

Though there’s nothing wrong with a quiet week on the beach, opt instead for a diverse country that will tickle your every fancy and offer you a plethora of experiences, a place where you can create memories to last a lifetime. Look no further than a honeymoon in South Africa.

South Africa is a country rich with history and culture. From the sunny coast to national parks brimming with incredible wildlife, from world-class cuisine to monuments representing the strength of the human spirit and an inspirational fight for freedom and equality, there is something in South Africa to tempt every type of traveller.

When most people think of a trip to South Africa, their thoughts go immediately to safaris, game drives and the iconic Big Five – the African elephant, rhino, Cape buffalo, lion and leopard. When planning your trip, be sure to consider our own Honeymoon Big Five, five South African experiences that you may never have known to consider.

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