Hungry For Adventure

Gourmet Honeymoon Destinations

With so many incredible destinations to choose from, it can be hard to decide where you’ll spend your first few days of wedded bliss. Will you be lounging on the beach? Hiking in the Andes? Or immersed in the bustle of a foreign city? Picking a theme is a great way to get some much-needed direction. We recommend, quite literally, going with your gut.

Foodie honeymoon destinations aren’t hard to find, from the age-old kitchens of Paris to the ports of Greece to sun-drenched vineyards in Napa Valley. But if you’re looking for something a little more specific, a place to have a seriously gourmet adventure as you get used to that new ring on your left hand, read on. We’ve rounded up four mouth-watering destinations that will satisfy your sense of adventure… and your taste buds.

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