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What to pack for your honeymoon, whether you’re going to Fiji or Finland.

Going global on your honeymoon? Then take a listen as Shilpa Shah and Karla Gallardo from the consciously created curate the ideal honeymoon hit list with pieces you won’t want to leave home without.


Classics are classic for a reason and you’ll learn to appreciate them even more when you’re jaunting about and need your clothes and accessories to work overtime. Items in rich, neutral colors made of luxe sustainable materials that are beautifully made will take you far.


Shilpa and Karla created, which means to love in the traditional Andean tribal language of Quechua, to inspire others to buy only what one loves. The girls design items that are handcrafted locally in the source country--including Ecuador, Peru and Argentina--to the highest quality specifications, with sustainability and a deep sense of heritage and pride at the heart.


It feels good to know that buying something useful and uniquely chic can also make someone’s life a little better. donatesa portion of their profits to charity: water. We drink it, swim in it, bathe in it and sometimes take it for granted, but many people around the world don’t have those luxuries. Your pieces help keep this life essential clean and safe.

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