Destination Wedding Invitations

Most rules are meant for breaking, but some rules are all about your guest's convenience.

Since destination weddings often require more planning and can include complicated juggling of time and resources on your guest's end, they are one of the few times where following the "rules" will lead to better results.

Here are four things to keep in mind when it comes to inviting your friends and family to exotic locales:

  1. The timetable is different. The standard used to be to mail the invitations six weeks before the wedding, but that's not nearly enough advanced notice if you're asking your guests to travel significantly, especially abroad or at peak travel times. Send a save-the-date card up to six months in advance and the invitation itself eight to twelve weeks ahead of the event. 
  2. Send a confirmation package. When you receive a positive RSVP for a destination wedding, send a confirmation package with all the pertinent travel information: logistics, accommodation, attire, and activities.
  3. Don't forget the welcome package. Waiting in every hotel room should be a packet that's very similar to the confirmation package, with information about the locale, the events and anything else your guests might find useful. Don't expect everyone to have traveled with the confirmation package you mailed earlier. (To read more about the welcome package, click here).
  4. Good night wishes. For turndown service, it's a nice touch to have the staff place pre-printed or pre-written cards on your guests' pillows with a bit of poetry, an apt saying, or simply a heartfelt thank-you for their attendance. This is especially appropriate when your guests have traveled long distances, sometimes at great expense, to share your nuptials.
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