10 Tips For Making Reservations In Style

10 Tips For Making Reservations In Style

Rather than just calling the airlines and saying, “Book it,” here are some simple guidelines to follow when you’re making your next reservation:

1. What type of equipment will you be flying? Ask for the seat configuration.

2. Select an aisle or a window so you’re not stuck claustrophobically between Chatty Cathy and the guy who appears to be in the final stages of tuberculosis.

3. Seats in the exit aisle and the bulkhead have more legroom, but often don’t recline all the way. The same no recline problem is true for the last row of any class.

4. Ask for a seat as close to the front as possible for an easy exit. 

5. First-class seats in the first row have no room to stow a computer or handbag, since there is no seat in front of you. The second row is may favorite!

6. Ask ahead about meal choices. But know that starvation may well end up being the result of relying on airline food. Instead, bring your own.

7. If you’re connecting with another flight, the reservation clerk may not inform you of other airline options that might be more convenient. Ask what other airlines provide service to your destination.

8. Shop for the best fare, but do whatever you can to avoid waiting in long airport lines to pick up tickets. Most airlines have e-tickets. Take advantage of them. 

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9. Leave a reliable contact number or mobile phone number with the airline. If any of your flights have been canceled or rerouted or otherwise delayed, the airline will do its best to call to inform you. Check your voice mail and email! If your flight is delayed, booking a second or even third backup reservation is wise advice given today’s security concerns. Better yet, while you are waiting for an update regarding your delay, call your travel agent and start your backup plan right away, because the moment the airline makes the announcement, three hundred other people will be doing the same thing. If you didn’t use a travel agent in the first place, use your smart phone to access your online travel provider.

10. An excellent travel agent is worth his or her weight in gold. Drop a postcard, propose marriage, offer a kidney to him or her if you can spare one- this is one relationship worth cultivating! I always send my travel agent notes and feedback on a new hotel or destination. This way she better understands my needs and likes and will suggest and custom-book more knowingly for me next time around.  

-Colin Cowie

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