Ask Colin: Lifestyle


Colin Miller

What should I keep on hand to always be ready for an impromptu get together?

I always try to keep a lot of candles on hand. They’re warm and welcoming, and they send an immediate message to your guests: You’re at a party now; you’re out of the harsh daylight and the fluorescent buzz of the office. It’s time to sit back relax, and have some fun. I like to use fragrant candles for the bathroom (don’t use them in the dining room; they may clash with food and wine aromas, and you don’t want your Château Margaux smelling like gardenias!) I love the thick, square box candles: They’re inexpensive, available at many housewares stores, and long lasting. They also provide beautiful color accents and sculptural elements for any table arrangement. I particularly like dimming the lights and placing candles in the entry space to any apartment or house. It’s the first thing the guests see when they arrive, and it helps them downshift into party gear immediately.