Top Organizing Tips For Closets

Top Organizing Tips For Closets

I am always impressed when I shop in stores with clean and orderly shelves where every sweater lines up neatly and all the shirts hang in the same direction. I call this merchandising, and I get so much pleasure of doing the same thing with my closet. As you take stock of your closet, make sure you have room for everything you need- and a little more. 

Are you the proud possessor of twenty-five handbags? If so, clear out enough space for thirty! If you’re a man with twenty pairs of shoes, leave additional square footage for twenty-five pairs! Measure how many feet you’ll need for short-hanging clothes (blouses, shirts, and skirts) and long-hanging clothes (long pants, dresses and coats).  The more orderly and appealing your closet is, the better you’ll know at a single glance what your wardrobe options are.  Here are a few good tips for organizing your closet:

  • Drawer dividers are a necessity. Separate your jewelry, watches and sunglasses, and especially your underwear. When every one of your closeted possessions has a space, you won’t stress or worry about not being able to find your favorite item when you need it!
  • Keep a pair of concealed laundry baskets inside your closet- one for dark clothing, the other for light.
  • Reserve an area of your closet- a shelf, a drawer, or merely a section of dedicated hanging space- for articles of clothing that aren’t dirty but need to be pressed before you can wear them again.
  • Install a few pull-out telescoping bars. These allow you to put outfits together effortlessly or even start to pull aside clothing for packing before a trip. 
  • Consider keeping a locked drawer or safe in you closet for jewels, cash, and passports.
  • Find an area in your closet where you can place a tray with a picture frame, a vase of fresh flowers, some fragrant incense, and a small box or bowl for your keys. Failing that, a nearby bureau or table can perform the same decorative function.  

-Colin Cowie

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