The Power of Intention

With Donna D'Cruz

What is your intention?
Courtesy of Inbal Dror

What are your intentions?

Long ago, this question was quaintly and coyly asked of prospective mates as a way to determine whether a suitor was serious and committed. Today, the question may be asked differently, but it is every bit as useful, and there is no better time to think about your intentions than during your engagement and your wedding preparations.

Planning a wedding and thinking about building a life together are a wonderful opportunity to think about how you are approaching your life and the future, as both an individual and as part of a couple. Welcome and cherish the moments of thoughtfulness that occur throughout the day and take some time to reflect on both the way you are going about the tasks at hand, as well as your intentions in the greater scheme of things.

Intention is a potent and powerful force, and you have the power and the ability to train or even re-train your mind to channel your intentions toward the positive. By thinking about intention and using it as a positive force, you can bring a wealth of good energy into your day and your life. Intention is not alone. With it come aim, objective, purpose, resolve and goals. Together, these concepts become a tremendous asset in determining what you want and how you plan to accomplish it. Reflecting and meditating on your intentions gives you access to your inner voice, revealing your true inner self.

So ask yourselves this: What are your intentions, for yourself and for your lives as individuals and as a couple? What are your intentions for this sacred event? What do you intend your wedding day to be? What is your heart’s desire for this day? And what are your intentions for your family and your friends, both as they celebrate with you and in your relationships with them beyond your wedding day?

Harness the power of intention during your wedding planning process, when stress and anxiety may cause you to lose track of why you are building this life together and how you want your future to look, with the help of these affirmations.

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