The Newlywed’s Guide To Home, Sweet Home

A neat (and chic) living room will make guests feel welcome and give your home a sense of calm.

After you’re married, you’re not just playing house anymore. It’s time to set up house—for real.

When your home is in order, it creates a sanctuary where you can relax and recharge your mental batteries.

A messy living space, on the other hand, wastes your time while you search for things, making you feel stressed and unhappy.

Welcome to life with a permanent, new roommate. Often with couples, there's one partner who is the "neatnik" and the other who is more casual about housekeeping. It's important for both partners to be considerate of each other's standards. (In other words, if you are the neat one, don't nag your significant other significantly. Instead, try to find ways to motivate your partner, or make one area around the house the clutter zone.)

Here are the secrets for cultivating a functional--and serene--home, room by room.

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