The Art of Gift Giving

A purple ribbon surrounds simply chic gift boxes.
Anita Calero with Gary Mcleod

Here's a crib sheet on the who, what, where, when and why of showing gratitude with élan.

You're expecting the best from those you've picked for your wedding party. Return the favor by bestowing your nearest and dearest with gifts that show your appreciation.

With a little preparation--and inspiration--you'll be able to give great gifts to them all.

WHO gets a gift?

Show the love to anyone you've tapped to be in your wedding--from your maid of honor and best man down to your flower girl and ring bearer. They deserve a bit more than a thank you note for all of their contribution to your big day, don't you think?

Give a gift that shows that you've appreciated their involvement in making your wedding amazing. And if your caterer or wedding coordinator went the extra mile with a smile, a personal token of appreciation is always in order.

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