Summer Soulstice

With Donna D'Cruz

Turn your engagement soulstice into a time of relaxation and celebration.
Courtesy of Inbal Dror

The beginning of summer is celebrated with the Summer Solstice or, as we prefer to call it in true Sensualista style, the Summer Soulstice. As in heart and soul. As in soul mate.

The Summer Soulstice is the longest day of the year, an annual reminder that time marches on. The word “solstice” is Latin in origin, with “sol” meaning Sun and “sistere” or “stice” meaning “standing still”. The sun stands still, showering us with its warmth and light as an announcement from Mother Nature that summer has arrived.

Thousands of years ago, tremendous meaning was attached to this day, celebrated by rituals and festivals. Though many of those traditions have been lost to history, the importance of acknowledging the Soulstice lives on.

For brides and grooms-to-be, one of the many Soulstices that a couple will acknowledge and celebrate together is the engagement period. As fun-filled and thrilling as it may be, just like a day of nearly endless sunshine, you may find yourself pulled in a dozen different directions by the demands of planning a wedding. The abundance of gifts and good wishes is countered by an influx of unsolicited marital advice, wedding horror stories and strange interactions with the most unexpected people.

There’s no doubt that life-changing events like weddings lend themselves to your nearest and dearest (as well as those not so near or dear) superimposing their own dreams, fantasies and hopes on you and your fiancé. Whether it’s pictures of the bouquet your mother-in-law never had or your aunt’s insistence that you use her absolute favorite baker, all these opinions and suggestions can get messily complicated. This crazy cocktail of family dynamics and heightened emotions can get mega-stressful.

So how do you reclaim this Soulstice as a time of celebration and happiness? First of all, remember these things:

  1. Pre-wedding stress is pretty much a given.
  2. Don’t fear the stress. No one is expecting you to love it, but there are ways you and your fiancé can remain centered with your eyes on the prize. Focus on the end-game, which is both your wedding day and your life together beyond that special day. 

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