Spring Cleaning Checklist Made Easy

Spring Cleaning Checklist Made Easy

Remember that a well organized home is always prepared, whether you’re celebrating a wonderful occasion, waiting out a storm, or embarking on a leave-no-cabinet-unturned spring-cleaning. Here are some guidelines for getting your home in order:

1. Sit down and create a formal fail-safe system for paying bills, maintaining your home’s infrastructure, and cleaning in general. Mark these chores in your calendar so that you can carry them out regularly and in a timely way. I promise you will breathe easier and your home will function more efficiently. 

2. At the start of every season, devote a weekend morning to storing last season’s bedding and clothing (I prefer Sundays for these chores). Plastic containers or large plastic zipper bags will allow you to pack everything on an out-of-the-way shelf in the garage or attic, or under the bed. After all, it’s no fun freezing in the winter or simmering in the summer!

3. In the spring and fall, you might need to install or remove window air conditioners, or replace storm windows with screens, or vice versa. By keeping the systems that run your home operating at high efficiently, the tasks that seem monumental won’t feel like impossible dreams.

4. Stock up! By keeping your home overflowing with basic staples (link to cupboard essentials article) and produce, beverages such as liquor, mineral water, soft drinks, Champagne and white wine on ice, you’ll be prepared for the next cause for celebration or- my favorite kind of celebration- no reason at all!

5. The most important thing at all times is to do upkeep on your home! Do whatever it takes so that if a guest moves a chair to the left, he won’t find a mini-Pompeii of dust and ashes underneath. 

-Colin Cowie

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