5 Ideas for Host and Hostess Presents

Stumped by what to bring the hostess with the mostest? Not sure how to impress, and show your thanks, to the host who has it all?

Flaunt your skills as a guest (and show you know how to shop!) with these five superbly classic gifts. They guarantee you another invite.

Best Go-To Gift

Before you scoff at the predictability of this classic workhorse of a gift, consider why offering a fine bottle of wine or Champagne to your host is so pleasing. Liquor is meant to be shared among friends--so an entertainer can always use another fabulous bottle. Your job in presenting the vino, however, is to assume that it will not be opened at the affair you're attending.

So, don't be offended if it is not opened in your presence--it may actually suggest that the host chooses to keep it all to him or herself. One easy way to show you know the rules of etiquette on this front? Present a room temperature, not chilled, bottle of wine or bubbly to suggest it shall be quaffed at another time.

Best for a Daytime Affair

Invited to a brunch or a barbecue? Bringing a bottle of spendy olive oil, a few jars of gourmet jams or various grades of maple syrup demonstrates you've thought about the kind of occasion ahead.

The key to making this offering stand out is to find an unusual brand or flavor (perhaps you even picked up these items at a far-flung locale on your honeymoon) so that it stands apart from the usual supermarket fray.

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Best for the Hectic Party Planner

We all know the host who plans exceptional parties but overextends his or her self in the process. Try not to add to the items on this party planner's to do list. Instead, send a bouquet of fresh flowers to his or her abode or office the day before or after the event. This saves the host from scrambling for a vase on the night of the affair.

Best for a Weekend Visit

Sometimes your visit extends longer than a few hours... to a couple of days. When you're staying overnight at a friend's house, you should bring more than just something to ingest, falling more into the area of house warming than belly filling. Consider a designer scented candle, a vintage party apron or another expensive version of an oft-used household item.

Best for A Family

If the best way to describe your host is you-don't-know-how-they-do-it, then consider an item the whole family can share. If there are kids, animals, and a never-ending circuit of friends and children popping over to this home, consider a gift that a whole team would enjoy, like a huge gourmet box of chocolates or dried fruits. Quantity counts as much as quality in this home.

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