Registry Trend: Champagne Saucers

The coupe is back, so bring on the bubbly!

With Gatsby Fever sweeping the nation, Champagne is showing up more and more in shallow, broad-bowled coupes and saucers. Though this stemware was wildly popular in Prohibition-era America – and rumored to be modeled after the breast of a variety of members of French aristocracy – it was actually designed in England in the late 17th century, only a short time after Champagne itself was invented in the famed region of France. The history, however, doesn’t take away from the fun and festive spirit these glasses inspire.

Whether you call it a coupe or a saucer, pour a single glass or fashion a Champagne tower, these sweet glasses would be a fabulous addition to your home bar. Just remember to use them for sweeter sparkling wines – the wider glass allows the carbonation to be lost more quickly, making them less suitable for dry varieties. An even sweeter idea? Scoop a refreshing flavor of sorbet into the center of the glass and top it with a splash of Champagne or prosecco for a celebratory dessert or accompaniment to a slice of wedding cake.


-- Jaimie Schoen

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