Registry Trend: Beyond Basic White

There's no need for color when your white plates look this good.

White dinnerware has been a traditional addition to wedding registries since the beginning. White dishes provide a clean slate, transitioning easily from meal to meal and ideal for both casual and more formal entertaining situations. But there is so much more to white plates and bowls than simple shapes and smooth, clean finishes.

If you want to go white (and we don’t blame you – it’s easier to buy a new tablecloth than a whole new set of dishes!), don’t limit yourself. Consider textures, from traditional pearl beading to geometric accents. Crisp stripes and embossed rims are a beautiful mix of modern and traditional. If you’re looking to really mix it up, look for unique shapes, from sleek squares to scalloped baroque-style edges.

Whether you add a pop of color with hued glassware or let the food speak for itself, rest assured that your dishes are just the canvas you need for everything from an elegant dinner party to a quiet night at home. White dinnerware is so much more than a basic.


-- Jaimie Schoen

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