Plates of Posy

Florals for Your Registry

Vibrant dahlias and a burst of platinum are a playful addition to simple salad plates.
Courtesy of Bernardaud

Sowing the seed for embracing dinnerware with a flower motif. If you know which bloom is your favorite, we have a dinnerware pattern just for you.

Weddings are made to showcase flowers. They feature in bridal bouquets, men’s boutonnieres, aisle runners, name it. So isn’t it a shame that the flowers you took such great care to choose to sum up your style won’t last past your wedding?

Until now. As you register for china to fill your new home, take a fresh look at how flower-patterned dinnerware can make a statement in your décor—without being too frilly or girly. We’ve selected some of the best contemporary designs in flower-oriented tableware. See which one fits you best:


Related to the zinnia, chrysanthemum and daisy, if you love these tuberous flowers that are native to Mexico (and in fact, are the country's national flower), look no further than these remarkable Limoges porcelain salad plates from the French manufacturer, Bernardaud.

Designed with dahlias at center-stage and accented with platinum dots that seem to burst from the plate, these versatile dishes are appropriate for salad, dessert or even canapés, adding the flourish dahlias bring to the table.

Bernardaud Top salad plates, $300 for a set of four

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