Our Guide To Planning A Jam-Packed Mother's Day!

She guided you through your wedding planning and performed her duties with flying colors, so it’s only fitting you thank your mom with multiple fabulous indulgences this Mother's Day. Here are our favorite ways to give her the ultimate day of pampering:

Wedding Day Memories
To get the day (and waterworks) started, give your mom a personalized wedding album from Pottery Barn, complete with photo descriptions and details surrounding each moment. Be sure to include tons of photos of you and her together, as these will be a great segue into your next surprise.

Relaxing Remedies
Tuck a gift card for a relaxing Swedish massage in the back of the wedding album. In a handwritten note, let her know you couldn’t have pulled of the big day without her, and as a thank you, she’s off to a fabulous day at the spa to de-stress from all of the wedding celebrations.

Fabulous Products
Welcome your mom home to a hot bath with fragrant candles lit and calm music playing. Prepare a fabulous gift basket of delicious gourmet chocolates, natural beauty remedies in fresh scents and a selection of self-tanners to get her prepped for the summer months ahead. 

At-Home Indulgence
Just when she thought it couldn't get any better, treat your mom to a delicious spread of snacks paired with fabulous wines or a great bottle of champagne. End the day on a sweet note by placing a handwritten card on her pillow, thanking her for all that she’s done for you on your wedding day and every day before. 

--Keely-Shea Smith

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