Modern Etiquette For Hosts And Guests

Modern Etiquette For Hosts And Guests

Inviting guests into your home, and playing host, is all about making them feel welcome and well cared for. In return, being a good guest requires mindfulness, courtesy, and consideration. The most important thing to remember is remain open and communicate about your expectations and theirs. Here’s my guide for being the host with the most and the guest who always gets invited back. 

Gracious Hosts:

  • Keep it cool. Make your guests feel welcome and comfortable always! Keep all crises at bay. No one wants to walk into a home that’s laden with stress. 
  • Pull out the passion percentage. That extra 20 percent of effort and love. For friends, one should always go the extra mile. 
  • Take the time. A gracious host may lead a staggeringly busy life, but they take time for great friends, knowing that they’re the most valuable assets in life.
  • Reach out. Send a note or call your guests a few days in advance to let them know how much you’re looking forward to their visit. 

Great Guests:

  • Give advanced notice. Let your host know in advance when you’re arriving and provide them with your various contact numbers. If there are any changes to your schedule, let your host know at once.
  • Arrive self-sufficient. This way there’s as little imposition as possible. For hygiene’s sake, take off your shoes at the door (or at least offer), and place your toiletries on a hand towel in the bathroom, either on the counter or in a drawer, and not directly on the sink. If the host has emptied out a drawer or cabinet, you should place your toiletries inside. 
  • Give thanks. Arrange to take your hosts out to dinner one evening- and offer a sincere thank you toast.
  • Send a note. Send your host a note after your stay. I like to arrange for flowers to be delivered to the host following my departure. If the plane leaves at two in the afternoon, arrange for a floral delivery between three and five, along with a handwritten note addressing the visit, for example, “I’ll never drink tequila again without you! This weekend with you was a tonic for my soul.” When you reach your destination, you might email your host telling them you arrived safely. 

-Colin Cowie

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