Meditation: The Basics

With Donna D'Cruz

Take a breath, take a moment…come back to you.
Courtesy of Inbal Dror

Take a breath, take a moment…come back to you.

Planning a wedding is full of stressful moments, from dealing with family to worrying about the budget. When the stress gets to be too much, what’s a bride to do? It’s all about your intention and outlook. You can succumb to the strain of it all, or you can choose to view the experience as a journey and learn about yourself and your partner while honing some valuable life skills. 

One of the ways that I deal with stress or intense emotions is to take some time to step away from it all and clear my mind with meditation. The stillness that comes with meditation opens doorways to inner peace, a transformation that is the most important gift you may ever gift yourself. I am so happy to share Meditation 101 – A Complete Meditation Experience with you. Meditation is a way to connect your mind and your body, relieving stress and making you more present in the moment.

Read on for my suggestions for how, when and where to meditate. Get ready to find your path to peace.

One of the most common questions about meditation is, “How often should I meditate?” and “How long should I meditate for?” It’s entirely up to you. You can meditate for as long as you’d like, depending on your schedule.

I would suggest meditating twice daily: in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, it’s always best to fully awaken, get out of bed, drink a glass of water if you’d like, finish your morning rituals and then sit comfortably in your own space. Make sure you are warm. The idea is for you to be the most comfortable you can be and also to minimize your distractions. You can choose a meditation space, choose your seat and create a beautiful space that works best for you. You may simply choose to sit in a comfortable chair at home or in your office, or can create a sanctuary space to which you can retreat for your meditation. The most important thing is to practice your meditation more or less at the same time every day. You may choose to do this at your office, on the subway, bus or you may do it once you’ve returned to your home.

There are incredible studies done around the world about the benefits of meditation. It can be used for problems ranging from stress, depression and anxiety to chronic pain, insomnia and the physical and emotional symptoms associated with chronic illnesses and their treatment. No matter what inspires you to try meditation, I believe that it can change your life as it has transformed mine. I will always be grateful for it’s simple, elegant beauty; potent, creative insights and magical powers.

It is your right to enjoy this peace. It is your right to have this peace, to have this beauty. It has been said that when we pray, we talk to the Divine and when we meditate, we listen. With all that you have in the days, weeks and months ahead leading up the your Wedding Day, your inner balance, your sense of clarity and your enjoyment of this magical time in your life is paramount.

There are no rules in meditation. There is absolutely no work to be done. It is effortless. It is easy. It requires absolutely no experience. All you need to do is close your eyes, close your mouth and breathe. Remember: The best meditation is the one that you DO.

So let’s begin.

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