Meditation for Couples with Donna D'Cruz

To borrow from Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that the vast majority of us seem to be looking for ways to feel happier, less stressful and more productive.  Couples, even the happiest-seeming ones, are not immune to the sheer upkeep and work involved in committed relationships. 

It’s so easy to get swamped by work, family commitments, financial finagling, juggling friends both separate and mutual, looking around and pondering larger economic and societal issues facing us as a country, it’s no wonder we can’t find time to sit together as a couple and NOT talk about any issues unconnected with this top-heavy list. All of which incidentally, are emotive hot-button topics which on a good day need sensitive TLC but on a bad day, can resemble an unexploded minefield necessitating protective headgear!

Well, one simple way is for couples to try (no – to commit!) meditating together.  Again, starting small and increasing the time in increments if they desire.  The beauty of it is that all you need is the two of you.  That’s it.

…  That and a comfortable chair or two.

…  And 8 minutes a day to start.  That’s less than most women take for teeth-brushing and an invigorating Clarisonic session and trust us, once you feel the benefits of meditating together, this time will become as necessary to you.

You both have a connection.  Meditating together is all about enhancing and solidifying that connection further, taking that connection into your very souls and then spring-boarding that wellness into your daily lives. 

Meditating as a couple is deep, non-verbal communication, a place where you have the luxury of allowing yourself to think and feel non-judgementally about your partner and yourself.  It’s a place of quietness – the best  sort of quietness that practiced regularly, can and will open up healthy communication between you both.

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