Luxe for Less: Fine China

Whether you're looking for a luxe set for special occasions or beautiful everyday tableware, china is a wedding registry staple not to be overlooked.

Get the look of some of the world’s most expensive tableware (for a fraction of the price!) with these alternatives.

There’s nothing quite as fine as fine china. Back in the eighteenth century, it was the work of a European alchemist, Johann Friedrich Böttger, who discovered the formula for porcelain while in the search to man-make gold. Prior to Böttger, the rich had to settle for the coveted, yet mysterious, oriental porcelain that was traded from China. But by 1710, the first Meissen factory in Germany was fired up and crafting many of the patterns still available today.

We’ve come a long way in the mass production of tableware. What was once only a luxury of royalty and the very rich are now accessible for every table. While the gorgeous, jaw-dropping patterns that started it all are still in production, they also cost astronomical 4-figure prices. Still, with so many choices in tableware today, you can actually buy a similar-looking version for a fraction of the cost.

Naturally, the cheaper versions are nowhere near the quality of the $1,165 hand-painted, hand-molded original, nor do they look exactly like the luxury version. But for the money you save, you don’t have to stop and settle for just one pattern in your home.

Read on as we showcase the best and priciest tableware around—and suggest cheaper alternatives that can satisfy the same style.

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