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The Teachings of Donna D'Cruz

Turn to Donna D'Cruz for a moment of relaxation, an hour of peace and advice to maintain a deep, spiritual connection to those you love.
Courtesy of Inbal Dror

Your mental and spiritual well-being during the wedding planning process is paramount, but staying calm and centered during such a busy, stressful time can be a challenge. Which is why Colin called upon one of his dearest friends, Donna D’Cruz, to help guide you through this time. As our resident spiritualista and sensualista, Donna is where we turn for a moment of relaxation, an hour of peace and advice to maintain a deep, spiritual connection to those we love.

Physical relaxation is a stepping stone to mental and emotional de-stressing. Donna began by teaching us how to elevate our spirits and stimulate our senses, starting with our feet. Who knew a little reflexology and a warm soak could turn a day around so quickly! 

Next, we learned about meditation. By taking a few moments to sit quietly, focus on our breathing and release any persistent thoughts (like that pesky bridal to-do list), the day can start with peace and purpose instead of frazzled bride brain.

Donna taught us the power of intention, explaining how the way we face the day and what we hope to accomplish can guide us and truly alter the way we address every one and every thing we come across. Her positive, powerful affirmations remind us that being positive and having good intentions will bring positivity back to us ten-fold.

As we passed the summer solstice and started to slowly make our way toward autumn, Donna reminded us of the importance of celebrating the soulstice, acknowledging the beauty of the engagement period and the celebration and happiness that wedding planning represents, even amidst all the stress. She encouraged us to reclaim this happy time and focus on the fact that it represents two people, two lives, becoming one.

Finally, Donna taught us the importance of gratitude. Whether it’s reminding your future spouse of one of the many reasons you love them, or being thankful for the hard work and services your vendors are providing, remembering to say “thank you” and to appreciate all the things you have is good for your relationships and your health. 

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of what Donna knows and how she can make this process easier and more peaceful, we’d love to hear from you! Do you want to know how to handle an unresponsive bridesmaid or how to ease the friction between you and your mother-in-law? Want to learn how to reconnect with your partner on a more sensual, romantic and physical level? Anything that involves the mind, body and spirit is fair game for our resident sensualista and spiritualista. And don’t worry, all questions are anonymous. 

Click here to submit a question, or send an e-mail to with the subject line “Ask Donna”. 

Your answers await!


--Jaimie Schoen

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