Introducing Donna D'Cruz

Spiritualista and Sensualista

Introducing Donna D'Cruz, spiritualist and sensualista.
Courtesy of Donna D'Cruz and Rasa Living

During the wedding planning process, it’s easy to find inspiration for everything from cakes and flowers to gowns and accessories, but few resources offer support for the aspects of wedding planning that go beyond the material. Planning a wedding is one of the first major challenges you and your fiancé address as a couple and, while the celebration itself is a joyous symbol of the marriage you are beginning together, mental and emotional well-being are often sacrificed in order to get every last detail finalized and as close to perfect as possible.

After more than 25 years planning weddings for couples around the world, I realized that what an engaged couple – particularly a bride – needs, even when an event producer is handling all of the planning details, is spiritual guidance. Whether it’s help reducing stress and remaining grounded or a means of strengthening the spiritual, sensual and romantic bond between the bride and groom, there wasn’t a source for emotional and spiritual support.

I have called upon one of my nearest and dearest friends, Donna D’Cruz, to provide that support for you. She has joined the Colin Cowie Weddings family to address the spiritual, emotional and sensual issues that arise when a bride is planning her wedding – issues I wanted someone truly experienced to address for you. I hope that she touches your life as profoundly as she has touched mine, and that she can help you and yours turn your wedding into the happy, romantic, wonderful day that it truly should be while preparing you and your fiancé for the life you are building together.

When I first met Donna D'Cruz, I immediately put her friendship on the 'fast track' – in other words, I wanted to get to know her as quickly as possible and bring her into my life. Since then, we have travelled around the world together collaborating on projects off all sorts and sizes. Donna and my work together began because she is the most amazing DJ. She has mesmerized and kept my guests dancing from Mykonos to Mexico. From there, our friendship has evolved to a bond of true spiritual kinship. She is an incredible sensualist and a true spiritualista. I have participated in meditations with her alone and also with hundreds tuning in to the same thought and vibration lead by her amazing grace and poise. I am very happy to welcome her to the team and have her contribute and answer questions about the world of spiritual well-being and sensuality, both during the wedding-planning process and beyond.

While I could speak about my love and respect for Donna for days, I’ve asked her to tell her story in her own words so that you can get to know her as well as I have.

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