How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution To Lose Weight

How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution To Lose Weight

As a charter member of the food business, I’m always racing around attending food and wine tastings, and developing and sampling the recipes from my entertaining books, as well as for the weddings and events I plan. If I ate absolutely everything I wanted, I would be the size of a house. I knew I had to develop a sensible daily eating program that was healthy, delicious, maintainable, and that would never, ever make me feel deprived. Now I’m sharing my road map for success with you:

The most important element of my daily eating habits is negotiation with myself. If I’ve overindulged in the morning, then I won’t partake of something rich that evening. If I’ve been good all day, then that night I’ll help myself to several spoonfuls of a decadent chocolate mousse. The trick is to be mindful, and to make intelligent, conscious choices about what I eat.

Eat a minimum of three to four meals a day. IF you jump-start your morning by eating a healthy breakfast within ninety minutes of waking up, it will ensure a faster metabolic rate all day.

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My general advice to healthy eaters everywhere: Avoid white! White pastries, white bread, white sugar, white rice. White foods will pack on the pounds, deplete your energy, and make you feel on the verge of a twenty-year nap.

Never deprive yourself.  Deprivation leads to the domino effect: The second you feel deprived, the munchies will overtake you, followed by a lightning storm of inner turmoil. If you want a piece of bread, choose a healthy multi-grain brown bread and just don’t have more than two slices!

Weigh yourself every day. I do. That way, if I’ve put on a couple of pounds over the weekend when I tend to be a little more lenient on myself, then I know that the no-no’s aren’t an option for me over the next few days.  

If you’re planning on drinking wine in the evening- and I love nothing more than an after-work cocktail and a couple glasses of great wine over dinner- then abstain from soda during the day. I drink only water and unsweetened teas when the sun is up… and reserve my liquid calories for when the sun goes down.

Dine consciously. Instead of French fries, I often order a small salad. Alternatively, when the French fries arrive, I avoid temptation by taking half and asking the waiter or waitress to take away the rest. The same goes for the basket of delicious breads. Limit yourself to one piece.

Feel free to snack during the day, but don’t snack on carbohydrate-rich munchies that do nothing but add inches to your waistline. Instead, reach for toasted nuts, fresh fruit, or some low-carb soy chips.  

Try to eat lean protein at every meal, with vegetables and grains on the side- and by grains, I mean anything from brown rice to tabouli to lentils to bulgur wheat. 

When dessert time comes around, I share a dessert with another person at the table. I don’t need to polish off the whole thing!

Saturday is my free day.  If I can maintain my weight from Monday through Friday, I deserve to have a little fun on Saturday! 

-Colin Cowie

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