How To E-Mail Like A Pro

Effective Email Etiquette

Email is a top source of communication, and because people are sending and receiving tons of messages each day- many end up making embarrassing mistakes. Whether you’re emailing for business or personal, your email etiquette is a direct reflection of you. Here are the common traps people fall into and how to master the art of email. 

1. Spell check, especially names. Nothing is worse than sending an email and spelling the person’s name wrong. Double check that you have everything spelt correctly.

2. Opt for the side of formality. Make sure that your email has a proper greeting and closure. This is polite and makes your email look less demanding and more friendly.

3. Double check. Make sure to re-read your email to make sure the tone is what you intended. It never hurts to throw in “please” and “thank you” to soften up your message.

4. Summarize it. Make sure you are clear and concise, and provide all the details necessary. If you are direct and specific in your email it eliminates the chance of anyone getting confused and therefore unnecessary back and forth email exchanges.

5. Refrain from using “Reply All”. If what you’re sending is only for one specific person, no need to bother other people with emails that aren’t intended for them.

6. Think through your subject line. Your subject line should be a short description of what your email is going to be about. Make it direct and to the point.

7. Paper Trail. Think twice before you put your message in writing. If you wouldn’t want it printed out or passed along, you might not want to send that email. 

8. Respond accordingly. Always acknowledge emails you receive and try and respond within 24 hours. Nobody likes to be kept waiting.

-Nicole Koffler

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