How To Create A Bedroom That Changes With The Seasons

How To Create A Bedroom That Changes With The Seasons

Our bedrooms should be as comfortable as possible, from the dead of winter all the way through the sandy sultriness of summer. The seasons dictate how you should dress the bed and what fabrics to use. Here’s a primer:


It’s hot, sticky, and wonderfully tropical outside, and your bed should look and feel like a light linen suit. Start with the best-quality 100 percent cotton or linen sheets.  Layer them with a thin cotton blanket and top that off with a sheet. The result is an inviting hotel-style bed.

Keep a thin wool or cashmere blanket handy for chilly nights or when someone else is controlling the air-conditioning.

If you’re a bachelor holding down three jobs, or you’re an overworked college student, or you simply decide you don’t want to devote the rest of your natural life to ironing, opt for a cotton polyblend that doesn’t require any. Make the bed as soon as the sheets come out of the dryer, and they’ll look as if you spent hours with iron in hand. Use a fitted bottom sheet and a light cotton comforter.

Spring and Fall

When the snow begins to melt, or the first frost charges the air, bring out a heavier blanket made of wool or a thick-set cotton. If you live in a part of the world where the temperatures fluctuate quite radically during the change of season, place a cashmere fleece or lush flannel blanket at the foot of the bed. You never know when a sudden cold snap will interrupt a sequence of glorious days.

In the Middle of Winter

As with your winter wardrobe, the key to the winter bed is layering. Start with plush flannel sheets and perhaps a soft quilt, and then, of course, comes that comforter, which cab be of varying thickness and density of down. I use a heated bed pad- I often sleep with it on- and a soft down comforter. Some people own mattress covers that have different textures on either side- a lightweight cotton surface for warmer months, and a heavier woolen side for chillier weather. If you own one of these two-faced mattress pads, simply flip the mattress over based on the season at hand. 

And if none of the above keep you warm enough, bring out the flannel pajamas and hot chocolate! 

-Colin Cowie

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