The Biggest Mistakes You're Making Hosting A Party

The Biggest Mistakes Your Making Hosting A Holiday Party

When planning a party, do you feel (a) confident, cool, and prepared; or (b) as if you need to host it in a hotel or restaurant? If your answer is a, congratulations; you’re in good shape. If your answer is b, I’m here to help. If you were too nervous and overwork to respond, do yourself a favor and read the rest of this in a hot bubble bath. Here are the 5 biggest mistakes you can make when playing host: 

1. Not deciding on a theme from the beginning. Your theme will help shape all your creative decisions along the way. Choose one theme that starts at the front door and thread that style from the wreath to the mantle piece, christmas tree, gift wrap and serving trays.

2. Leaving set up until the last minute. The key is to set everything up the night before. That way, the day of the party, you just have to put food and drinks out, and will still have time to shower, change and be cool and collected when your guests arrived.

3. Taking on too much. Be resourceful. It’s not humanly possible to do it all. Buy the turkey and make the soup. Maybe you like setting a table, but food’s not your thing.

4. Playing bartender all night. Instead, serve a signature cocktail. Set up a drinks station with glasses and a beverage dispenser so guests can serve themselves. Or hire a mixologist—they’re rock stars these days. This way you'll have more time to actually enjoy your party. 

5. Don’t make it all about Santa. Play great music. Take your best cocktail playlist and mix in about 20 percent holiday songs.

--Colin Cowie

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