Guest Bathroom Must Haves

Guest Bathroom Must Haves

When it comes to the guest bathroom, provide guests with all the practical and luxurious items they may have forgotten to pack, as well as a few extra surprises.  Here’s a quick checklist that will turn your guest bathroom into a heaven away from home!

  • Toothpaste
  • New toothbrushes in their unopened plastic packaging
  • Dental floss
  • Shaving cream
  • Razors
  • New lip balm
  • Sanitary pads/tampons
  • Cologne and perfume
  • Cake of fresh soap and a jar of exfoliating scrub
  • Shampoo
  • Body lotion
  • One or two sticks of fragrant incense

Other special touches to consider:

Whenever I travel, I find wonderful amenities in hotel rooms all over the world, which I bring home for use in my guest bathroom. Failing that, a little shopping always yields a harvest of indulgent bath products. My neighborhood grocery and beauty-supply stores also offer great travel-sized necessities. I stock the shower and bath with body wash and scrubs, hair shampoo and conditioner, face cleanser, and a fresh loofah sponge. The point is to always supply your guests with something that hasn’t been opened or used. It looks that much more inviting. 

Leave a clean glass an a decanter with mouthwash plus two hand towels and a face towel at the sink. I place the bath towel on the counter or hang it on the towel rack as well. If there’s no room, you can place it neatly in the bedroom at the foot of the bed along with another hand towel. A flower on top or a fresh (or even dried) sprig of rosemary will earn you major points! But plush, luxurious quality towels are a must. A good towel has long dense loops and will last several years. If you’re sharing a bathroom, let your guests know which towels are yours and which are theirs. 

All year round, my guests will always find a warm, washable floor mat in front of the toilet, and a second mat outside the shower area. 

Another necessity is a full-length mirror. Everyone appreciates a head-to-toe view! Short of space? Place it on the back of the door. 

Your guest bathroom should have a scale. Now that we’ve gotten a head-to-toe look at ourselves, we need one to make sure our eyes aren’t lying. 

If guests are coming in that evening, I’ll place a lit fresh candle in the bathroom a half hour before their arrival. Or I’ll begin burning a stick of incense so the bathroom smells delicious and inviting when they arrive. Fold the toilet paper into a neat V to really make your visitors feel welcome. 

Place a fresh flower (or flowers) in the room. I love the idea of something alive in a room, whether it’s a blooming orchid plant, a box of wheatgrass in the spring, a beautiful assortment of freshly cut wildflowers, or a simple tropical leaf. 

-Colin Cowie

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