Gift Giving Guidelines: The Unwritten Rules

Gift Giving Guidelines: The Unwritten Rules

Let’s face it, gift giving isn’t always easy! There are all different types of occasions that call for all different types of gifts. Plus, there’s a ton of tricky scenarios to navigate. How much should you spend? Do you always need to bring a host gift? Your worries are officially over because we’ve got your road map to giving good gift. Take a look at the toughest questions on proper gift giving etiquette.  

1. Should I always bring a hostess gift?
If someone has invited you to his or her home, the polite thing to do is bring him a hostess gift to show your appreciation. It’s a guaranteed way to get invited back.  

2. How much should you spend on a host gift especially when you have a dozen parties to attend?
For a hostess gift you don’t have to spend more than $25. Some great ideas for hostess gifts we recommend: cocktail napkins, gourmet chocolates, a bottle of wine, or a jar of delicious jam. You can also bring a homemade treat and attach the recipe for your hostess. 

3. If my friend always gives lavish gifts do I have to reciprocate?
Don’t feel pressure to reciprocate pricey gifts. Stay within your budget, it’ll help keep you on track. It doesn’t matter how much something costs, it’s the quality that matters not the quantity.

4. I get the same gift every year from a relative, what should I do?
Don’t hurt Auntie’s feelings, simply re-gift! If you already have the same gift, there is no harm in passing it along to someone else so they can enjoy it. Just remember not to re-gift within the same circles, there’s a chance of getting caught!

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5. How do I address a check to a newly married couple?
If you aren’t sure if the bride took the husband’s last name don’t make assumptions. Make it easy and write the check out to cash this way either one of them can cash the check.  

6. Do you need to attach a card?
Attaching a card is of utmost importance. A card makes the gift much more personal and elegant. You can make the card meaningful and explain what the reasoning was behind the gift. 

7. Should I go with gift-wrapping or a gift bag?
Gift-wrapping will give your present that little something extra. Presentation is key, having a beautifully wrapped gift helps increase the perceived value, even if it isn’t expensive. 

8. What do you do if you don’t know the person you are giving a gift to that well?
If you don’t know the person on a deep level, reach out to mutual friends or family who are closer to that person for ideas on what they are interested in. It never hurts to ask for help.

-Nicole Koffler

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