The Best Father's Day Gifts You Haven't Thought Of

Whether you’re married or getting ready to walk down the aisle, it’s time to show some love to your main man on Father’s Day! Your dad’s impressive tie collection is proof that he’s pretty tough to shop for, so why not create an entire day of fun activities he’ll love instead? If you’re sending love from far away, don’t worry! We also have some fabulous gifts you can have delivered and waiting on his doorstep just in time for Sunday.

10:00 AM: Let’s be honest, your father has dealt with your antics for decades, so let him sleep in for just a little longer! Then, send out a wakeup call either by dialing from across the globe or with the smell of fresh bacon in the morning.

10:15 AM: Breakfast is served! Serve some bacon, eggs and fresh toast to your dad. Sorry, you have to clean the dishes too! (It’s his day remember?)

11:00 AM: Ask your dad to change into comfortable clothes and semi-formal shoes. When he starts asking questions, tell him he’ll absolutely love what you’ve got planned!

12:00 PM: Brush up on your waltzing skills with your dad by practicing that father-daughter number at one of the many Arthur Murray dance studios across the country! If you’ve already walked down the aisle, hey, you're getting one awesome workout.

3:00 PM: If your handmade gifts peaked at fingerpainting, browse through Etsy and indulge him in the L's: liquor, leather and lager.

5:00 PM: Start prepping the grill for a delicious summer barbeque. Note: there’s a chance your dad won’t let you come within 5 feet of the grill. Don’t be offended- this is completely normal.

6:00 PM: Serve miniature tacos with equally miniature margaritas, burgers with beer and other summery bites. Salmon, shrimp and skewers are also fabulous grilling options.

Keely-Shea Smith

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