Elegant Cocktail Party

What makes a cocktail party a great cocktail party? What you serve, how it’s presented, the time you start and the time you wrap all play a part in making a party a success. Typically, a cocktail party has a definitive start and finish time. It helps ensure the energy and captures your guests. Two to three hours is the right amount of time to entertain your friends, reconnect over a cocktail and have a bite to eat.

The time you set will help determine the foods served. If the invitation is from 6 to 9, be prepared with something more than a bowl of nuts. A selection of breads and cheeses or something straight from the oven, like my mother’s homemade sausage rolls, is always a warm and welcoming touch. It’s nice to offer a pre-selected cocktail of the night, but I also love a pitchers of martinis or even tequila over ice set beside a tray of chilled glasses.

Set the lights, turn on the music and clear the kitchen of any mess so when guests arrive you can offer them something to drink and make necessary introductions. When you’re setting up for the party, try to keep the food and drinks in one area, it will help focus the energy of your guests in one place. Shoulder to shoulder is always more fun!


--Colin Cowie

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