Dream Up A Theme

Dream Up A Theme

You’ve invited friends to your home for breakfast, brunch, cocktails, dinner, or coffee and dessert. So why not create a distinctive theme for your get-together?

Thanks to Oprah, book clubs are everywhere. Elevate the conversation with food plotted thematically around the novel or memoir du jour. Discussing The Grapes of Wrath will be a lot more interesting when you serve wine made from California grapes.

Invite friends to a Champagne tasting, with each guest bringing their favorite chocolates, or splurge with two ounces o caviar and enjoy a favorite bottle of bubbly.

Invited friends over for a scotch-tasting in the winter, with each couple bringing a single-malt scotch. Serve a savory stew on a nest of pasta or a tangy rice dish.

Host a potluck dinner, assigning everyone a different course. Nothing could be easier, and explaining each dish serves as an instant icebreaker.

Spend an evening in Morocco by serving a fabulous Chicken Tagine over couscous and screening Casablanca. Or take everyone on a trip to Spain with paella and the latest Pedro Almodóvar offering. Or invite friends for a grand marnier soufflé and pop a Gerard Depardieu movie into your DVD player- that way you and your guests will always have Paris! 

-Colin Cowie

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