The Ultimate Dinner Party Hosting Checklist

The Ultimate Dinnr Party Hosting Checklist

Here’s an easy guide to a well-appointed kitchen equipped to entertain any size group, from one to a hundred and one- every day, twice a week, or four times a year.  

Serving Accessories


  • Wooden salad bowl
  • Pasta bowl
  • Oval serving platters, two large and two small
  • Serving trays (you can never have too many)
  • Serving utensils, including serving fork and spoon, and a pasta fork
  • Pitcher
  • Tongs
  • Bread Basket
  • Coasters (a dozen will do)
  • Creamer and sugar
  • Butter dish

 For the Gourmet-Inclined:

  • Gravy boat
  • Cake plate, with or without lid
  • Cake knife



  • Linen napkins (and their stylish cousin, a collection of napkin rings)
  • Place mats
  • Tablecloths
  • Table runners
  • Table pad

-Colin Cowie

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