Decorating A Seasonal Table

Shining Ideas for Holiday and Reception Table Decorations

Whether a fall celebration or spring outdoor wedding reception, here a few beautiful ideas for decorating seasonal tabletops.

Gathering unique ideas for decorating a seasonal table is an annual conundrum. Luckily we’ve collected fresh ideas for creating beautiful seasonal tablescapes.

When decorating tables for the holidays or a seasonal wedding reception, take into account what differentiates one season from the next. Colors, textures, lighting options and foliage are unique to the time of year, and decorating a dining table with these elements in mind will allow you to make the most out of your budget.


For those who love to DIY, decorating an autumn table is your time to shine. With abundant foliage easily accessible, creating beautiful centerpieces is a breeze. For a stunning focal point, consider filling a glass hurricane with acorns sprayed metallic silver and gold. When the acorns are finished drying, top with pinecones in varying sizes or seasonal greens. For tables with set seating, Colin suggests transforming a red apple into a glamorous place card with a pop of color. 

Flowers: Bunch red calla lilies to create table centerpieces that mimic oak, birch or maple trees in autumn.

Seasonal Tip: Spray painting mini pumpkins a metallic gold or silver is DIY chic and beautiful for any size dining table.


Winter is the  time for elegance and sparkle. When decorating a winter table, picture the sun reflecting off of fresh snow or icicles that glitter like diamonds. The key is shine. To create beautiful winter table decorations, think crisp and bright. Replace fabric table runners with mirrors and cover them with tealights, votives and pillar candles to illuminate the room in a warm, cozy glow.

Flowers: Try roses, seasonal greens and cymbidium orchids.

Seasonal Tip: Line small oil lamps along the table for a warm, luxurious winter feel.


For an outdoor wedding reception or garden party, think fresh budding flowers and colorful hues of pink and green. Topping wood benches or tables with green wine goblets, soft pink roses and crystal elements makes for a true spring event. As a nod to fresh beginnings associated with spring, create eggshell tealight holders and disperse them throughout the tablescape. In need of a pop of color for white decor? Consider rolling brightly colored dinner napkins and securing with a matching ribbon.

Flowers: Use lily of the valley, roses and carnations.

Seasonal Tip: Peonies, a classic spring favorite, are symbols of good fortune, a happy marriage, good health and prosperity.


Ah, summer. The carefree spirit and warmth of the season call for beautiful bright colors and lush foliage. Whether decorating for a summer celebration or outdoor wedding reception, table decorations are easy! Mix bright hues of blue, purple, pink and green to allow for endless flower and dinnerware combinations.

For beach wedding tabletops, consider filling in empty space by utilizing elements you’d find on the shoreline. Incorporating seashells, sea glass and sand is both inexpensive and complementary to the seaside setting.

Flowers: Mix wild flowers, cabbage roses and hydrangeas.

Seasonal Tip: Creating table centerpieces of fresh seasonal fruits is both beautiful and budget-friendly. In a glass hurricane, combine oranges, lemons and limes or mix blackberries and raspberries for a darker accent.

--Keely-Shea Smith

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