Cut from the Same (Table)Cloth

Fashion For Your Registry

Channel Monique Lhuillier’s feminine elegance on your dinner table with her fine bone china collection for Waterford.
Courtesy of Waterford

Why keep your love of fashion in the closet? Dish out the latest china patterns from the world’s best designers.

If fashion is your passion but you find it a pity you can’t wear your favorite designers all the time, day in and day out, consider this: many of the best now apply their style know-how to designing tableware for your home. Now you can eat off of Vera Wang or take a sip from Calvin Klein. The best part? Imagine how much you’ll save on dry-cleaning bills by choosing one of these patterns for your bridal registry. Read on for some of our favorite picks from Tabletop 2012.

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier dresses Hollywood stars like Gwyneth and Reese for the red carpet and fashionable brides seeking design-forward gowns for their Big Day. So when Lhuillier decided to, er, marry her style vision with her take on tableware, she launched a hugely successful tabletop collection for Waterford.

She takes her inspirations in china patterns from what she’s designing for her runway. The result? Sweetly contemporary fine bone china dinnerware like the new Dentelle Blush ($130, 5-pc. place setting), a reflection of the current trend in baby pink wedding gowns, and Stardust ($130, 5-pc. place setting), its platinum banding a nod to her sense of timeless sophistication.

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