Coming To Your Senses: Feet First

With Donna D'Cruz

If your feet feel and look good, you’ll have a head start on relaxing, feeling great and coping with pre-wedding stress.
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Greetings, brides-to-be and engaged couples, from Donna, your in-house Sensualista. I’m here to offer you fresh ideas, novel notions and user-friendly solutions as you ready yourself not only for your wedding day, but also for larger life beyond.

A Sensualista approach doesn’t necessarily confine itself to fancy undergarments or garter belts (though there’s nothing wrong with the fabulousness of that!). It embraces Mind, Body and the senses working in simpatico. It can be simple and needs to be mindful of the fact that you’re under a 24/7 time crunch, especially as your wedding day approaches.

This segment is about beginning to de-stress and relax the body. Trust me, your frazzled mind will follow. At a time when you feel quite literally run off your feet, your feet are a great place to start. If your feet feel and look good, you’ll have a head start on relaxing, feeling great and coping with pre-wedding stress.

Here are some simple yet effective ways to elevate your spirit and stimulate your senses leading up to your big day, starting with your feet.

  1. Indulge in an occasional Foot Massage or Reflexology session either at your local manicure spot or self-administered in the privacy of your bathroom. A little love for these extremities will pay off in blissful comfort. Try some Do-It-Yourself Foot Reflexology - different parts of the foot correspond to various organs in the body, so working out the kinks in your feet will have all-over positive results. For a quick pampering session without a trip to the spa, a good emollient and peppermint-scented foot cream can rejuvenate your feet and your mood.
  2. Consider getting a good electronic foot massage machine. Use it while watching T.V. to decompress. Plug it in and put your feet up! If you’re feeling generous, let your fiancé have a go – feet that feel great will help him with stress, too!
  3. For the gazillion bridal errands you’ll be doing, make a point of finding a fabulous pair of comfortable flats. You’ll be able to dash from your florist to the baker without the fear of blisters while still looking put-together. It’s not like sighting unicorns – comfortable shoes really do exist!
  4. If you can’t find a pair of fabulous yet comfy flats, refer to tip #1. Some TLC for your toes will make any shoe woes seem like a lifetime ago.
  5. Here’s an easy and quick fix that doesn’t require anything but a few minutes and a bathtub: Sit on the edge of your bathtub and run hot water – as hot as you can stand – over your feet for a minute, followed by a minute of cold water. Alternate hot and cold water for at least 5 FULL minutes and follow with a heavy-duty foot cream and lock it in with socks. You’ll be amazed how well this works!

So tend to your feet, take some time to relax and unwind, and you’ll feel the stress start to melt away.


-- Donna D’Cruz
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Spirit. Senses. Style.

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