Beyond Blenders

Get up and go with a non-traditional wedding registry that allows guests to contribute to your honeymoon adventure.
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There’s little you can’t register for.

If your kitchen is pretty well stocked and you don't want to register for yet another blender, take heart.

There's a plethora of new registries out there all with the common goal of giving you (and your guy) exactly what you want, even if it's tickets to the symphony or your honeymoon.

Here are eight to know about now:

1. NewlyWish. This online wedding registry feels like a virtual walk down the chicest street of boutiques you can imagine. You'll find 40 familiar places--from Fish's Eddy to Bobby Berk Home--all at the ready to help you pick out everything from linens to home goods, artwork and even tickets to theater and sporting events.

2. HoneyFund. Use this free site to invite your guests to help you fund all of your honeymoon travel needs, from helicopter rides to scuba lessons.

3. HatchMyHouse. It may not seem that romantic to gift a couple with a door or window, but these are some of the things that cost most when you're building or renovating your new home. You can also use this website to suggest ways that friends and family can contribute to your down payment.

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