7 Easy And Chic Party Planning Ideas

7 Easy And Chic Party Planning Ideas

There are countless ways to entertain. Surrounded by great friends, in your kitchen, with the food coming straight out of the oven and onto plates. It could be more formally, at a sit-down birthday celebration for twenty-four. Or any of several memorable variations in between. Here are some starting points for your own inspiring meals:

1. A Simple Lunch

When: 12:30 pm

What: An easy, delicious midday feast with one or two great friends, either for business, pleasure, or something in between.

2. Quick and Easy Lunch Buffet

When: 1:00pm

What: A wonderfully casual way to bring friends together (some who may not know one another) and mingle while sampling a wide showcase of tasty foods.  Try to balance your buffet selection with a protein, a arb, vegetables, and grains! Cardinal rule: Never put fish and meat on the same buffet table.  Surf and turf doesn’t work.  If God wanted us to have surf and turf, he would have given cows claws and lobsters hooves!

3. Afternoon Tea (not to be confused with High Tea, below)

When: 3:00 or 3:30pm

What: The Duchess of Bedford came up with this little treat to stave off hunger pangs between lunch and dinner. Think elegant pastries, crumpets, scones, madeleines and finger sandwiches.  Buy or bake a batch of scones to serve with clotted cream and preserves: or buy decadent cakes, tarts, and cookies from your favorite bakery. 

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