7 Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Turn your Christmas tree decorating into a masterpiece: 

Start with a fresh tree. The fresher the tree, the longer it'll last. You can tell what condition it's in by pulling back on the branches. If the pieces don't fall off, then it's wet enough, which is good.

Figure on using 100 lights per foot. It may sound like a lot, but that's what makes it look good, darling! As a matter of fact, when you think you have enough on your tree, add 20 more things!

Put the largest ornaments on first to make sure it's balanced. Then fill in with the smaller ornaments, and work from top to bottom.

For a bigger impact, attach small round ornaments of different textures together into clusters, and then hang them.

Add beading at the very end for the finishing touch. 

Don't just hang ornaments on the edges of your tree. Tuck them inside to give your tree a fuller look.

Hang your wreath at eye level. It shouldn't be too high or too low.

-Colin Cowie

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