6 Steps To An Organized Home

6 Steps To An Organized Home

Knowing how to organize your home for living is the foundation of living with true style. The basis of any-well run home is cleanliness and order. An orderly house will not only give you pleasure, it will also make everything in your life, from writing a thank-you note the day after a fabulous evening to opening your home to over night guests, that much more effortless. Living elegantly means creating a place you look forward to coming home to, a place where you can entertain happily, harmoniously, generously- and without hassle or headaches.

1. A home filled with knickknacks and collectibles stacked and sprawled on every free surface may give visitors the feeling that you’re holding a spur of the moment garage sale. Keep the things that are precious to you close by and available so they can be used on a regular basis. Everything else should be stored in a safe place, not left out on display.

2. Serving bowls should be on the table only when they’re overflowing with food, and there’s nothing at all exciting about an empty vase perched on a windowsill (even if it’s Lalique!). 

3. Less is definitely more! For example, a simple vase with one exotic flower on a central table can be more astonishing than that same vignette surrounded by fourteen framed pictures and half a dozen objets from your last European vacation. 

4. Keep a separate closet or cupboard where you can store your collection of decorative items. When you bring them out for entertaining, they’ll seem brand new again. Use your piece to create varied and interesting vignettes and fresh atmospheres, then put them away for the next time the mood strikes.

5. Invest in drawer dividers, baskets, and closet organizers. Trays and decorative bowls can also be fantastic containers for odds and ends such as keys and loose change. Create areas for everything you use, which will allow you to find what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it.

6. Try to take twenty minutes each day to tidy up and put things back where they belong. When you’re having a few friends over for drinks or throwing a party, you shouldn’t have to do a major all-day cleaning. The longer you delay straightening up, the more burdensome it is to clean. Ideally, you’ll get to a point where with a bit of soap and water, a mop and a broom, some dimmer switches on the lights an a little music, your home should be ready to receive guests at practically a moment’s notice.  

-Colin Cowie

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