5 Powerful Ways To Show Gratitude Every Day

5 Powerful Ways To Show Gratitude Every Day

There’s one simple, positive action that makes all the difference- showing thanks. If you had a wonderful time thanks to someone’s hospitality or received a sentimental gift, the most important thing you can do is display gratitude. You’ll be amazed how far a little thank you note will go. Find something real and heartfelt to say, then communicate it with as much sincerity and gusto as possible. Here’s how to have an attitude of gratitude every day: 

Dinner Parties: If someone is throwing a party in your honor, or even if you are just a guest, send a handwritten note. For extra points, send flowers or a gift either before or afterward. 

Receipt of a Gift: Even if you have already said thank you in person, send a handwritten note or call the very next morning. 

Get Well Notes: For someone who’s ill, receiving a card or note can be more important than you realize.

Condolences: Many people are uncomfortable expressing their condolences. They have no idea what to say, so they opt for silence instead. If you are a close personal friend of the bereaved, pick up the phone. If you aren’t as close, or don’t have an established telephone relationship, then write a note, make a donation in someone’s memory, or send flowers. The gesture will be tremendously comforting.  

Congratulations: Always celebrate life’s milestones. A note will convey your best thoughts, happiest wishes, and general pleasure. When someone does well, succeeds, or triumphs, nothing feels better to the recipient than an acknowledgment! Certain occasions always call for a congratulatory gesture: graduating from high school or college, landing a new job, getting a promotion or closing a deal, the birth of a child, a move, a prize won. A handwritten note is welcome and ideal, but a phone call, email, flowers, or a bottle of good champagne work just as well. The point is to mark and commemorate the moment.  

-Colin Cowie

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