5 Home Decorating Tips To Make The Most Of Your Space

5 Home Decorating Tips To Make The Most Of Your Space

The most important goal of decorating is to feel comfortable in your own home. It’s your personal space, not a stage set! Still puzzled? Regardless of the size of your place, you can give your home great style without breaking the bank. Whether you’re contemporary and minimalist or more the country-cottage type, you’ll be able to fill in the details around your lifestyle, be it casual or formal, by knowing the big picture.  Here are a few pointers: 

1. Decide on a color palette. What is the principal color and what are your accent colors? Is there one color scheme or two? For example, many people choose to use color to differentiate the living and entertaining areas from the sleeping areas. Collect paint samples and paint chips to test on your walls before making a final decision. How a color looks on a paint chip and how it looks on your walls are two different things. 

2. Create the shell- that is, the walls and floors- first, followed by the ceilings, doors, and windows. Select fabrics, textures, and finishes that suit the space and your tastes.

3. Dress it up. Style fireplaces and windowsills with molding, artwork, and colorful touches.

4. Work from a floor plan. Install the largest pieces of furniture first, then fill in the spaces around them with smaller pieces. A carpet, drapes, shades and blinds, and finally your accessories: framed pictures, gorgeous bowls, and decorative pieces.

5. Celebrate. Bring your home to life by adding foliage, flowers, candles, music, drinks, and your favorite mix of colorful people.  

-Colin Cowie

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