4 Tips For Empowering Employees

4 Tips For Empowering Employees

I’m a huge believer in giving compliments whenever and wherever they’re deserved.  My staff is loyal to me because I treat them the same way I would wish to be treated: with graciousness, respect, and fairness.  

1. Acknowledge Accomplishments: Never forget to acknowledge the amazing efforts my team puts in every single day. You’ll be surprised and even amazed by how much simple acknowledgement equates to increased productivity.
2. Set An Example: If employers behave with humility, and treat others the same way, it’s astounding how much respect they’ll receive in return. What you give out in a spirit of generosity comes back to you tenfold!
3. Don’t Lead With A Negative: Just as I’m someone who doesn’t relish being berated or screamed at, you’ll never catch me having a Russell Crowe moment and hurling phones against the wall. I never start with a negative. I find the good in whatever’s been done, then circle back to what could be improved. By the time we discuss what needs changing, my staff is only too happy to oblige and will make the efforts to fix any problem. 

4. Provide A Sense Of Autonomy: I’m a great believer in giving my team a independence- but not before they’ve absorbed our office’s culture of pride, efficiency, and professionalism. Naturally, I work closesly with all new employees, but as time goes on and member of my staff travel around the world with me, and demonstrate that they know how to get the job done to their own high standards, and mine, I give them additional freedoms and responsibilities.  However, creatively- always- I’m hands on, and in charge. 

-Colin Cowie

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