4 Bright Ideas For Your Celebration

4 Bright Ideas For Your Celebration

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of reception décor is lighting. Many people don’t realize just how critical it is, partly because nearly all wedding planning takes place during the day- but most receptions take place at night. Lighting doesn’t mean simply flooding the room with brightness; it means highlighting what you want seen hiding what you don’t. It’s amazing how much you can transform a space without moving anything other than a few switches.

When it comes to the home, every light switch in the house should have a dimmer.  They are convenient, readily available, and inexpensive, and they do so much to transform the ambience of any setting. After a long day at work, the first thing you want to do is dim the lights. It’s so much more soothing and relaxing. A principle I’ve learned from designing large parties and special events: What you don’t light, no one sees, and what you do light jumps out at you. A few more helpful hints about lighting: 

1. Try placing lights in different or interesting places, for example under the table or behind a plant. Under-lighting gives a wonderfully dramatic effect.

2. Avoid fluorescent lights at all costs. They flicker and their harsh white light is never flattering. Instead use soft-light bulbs- such as pink or light amber- wherever possible. 

3. For an added touch of romance, place candles on the tables- votives and tapers- in candlesticks, candelabras, and even hanging lanterns. The ambient glow they cast makes us all look as though we’ve just returned from vacation- and twenty years younger. Who doesn’t want that?

4. If you’re setting up outdoors, make sure the container has a deep enough neck so your candles don’t blow out. Also, consider electronic candles which are not live flames but nevertheless create great flickering candlelight. 

-Colin Cowie

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