Petiquette: 11 Pet Etiquette Rules You Should Follow

Petiquette: 11 Pet Etiquette Rules You Should Follow

Years ago my sister Janet, visiting from South Africa, arrived carrying the most adorable cocker spaniel puppy in her arms. I fell in love, and in my modest and completely unbiased opinion, Oscar can do absolutely no wrong. I do believe in life after death, and hope in my next life to come back as Oscar! I’ve done everything within my power to make him human and instill in him what I call “petiquette”!

1. Never bring your dog with you to a friends’ home unless it’s cleared beforehand. This includes casual drop-by visits and (most emphatically) overnight stays.

2. Schedule your dog to be washed once every few weeks, the same for a cutting. Don’t forget to brush his teeth on a regular basis. A clean, well-groomed dog is a happy dog. 

3. Train your pet not to jump on people or put his or her wet face and nose on a guest’s lap.

4. No begging, ever! There are few things worse then a begging dog, especially at the dinner table.

5. Use a lint remover or double-sided tape daily to remove dog and cat hair from furniture and clothing.

6. Wash your pet’s bowls daily- you don’t eat off dirty dishes; why should your dog or cat?

7. Reward good behavior with a treat, and acknowledge bad behavior firmly the moment it happens. Don’t blame the dog for making an accident in the hallway if you’ve forgotten to walk him in four hours!

8. Crate training is a great idea, but it shouldn’t be abused. Don’t keep your dog in a cage for long hours.

9. Animals are an enormous responsibility, and there is nothing worse than cruelty to them. IF you witness cruelty, immediately call the ASPCA or your local animal welfare office.

10. Never let children torment your pets. A dog who snaps can’t really be blamed if someone has been yanking his tail for the past half hour.

11. Never give someone a pet as a present unless you’ve cleared it beforehand! 

-Colin Cowie

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